Timing is everything.

This is basically just going to be a brain dump on my thoughts of “time”. Super casual blog post, hope you enjoy!

Thought #1:

“Being at the right place, at the right time.”
It’s pretty insane how this one goes, literally. To me, that line just speaks for itself.

Thought #2:
“Wasted time”
Wasted time is bad enough, BUT what’s even worse to me is those who can only talk and live in regret due to all their wasted time. It’s one thing to vent to get it out of your system and then move on, it’s another thing to just forever stay in the same position. Live, learn, and move on to do better.

Thought #3:
In certain cases, I feel like ignorance and time go hand in hand.
Many I could expand this point in another blog…??

Thought #4:
Time is precious, don’t take it for granted, each second that goes by will never come back.

Thought #5:
Reflect and review, and see where you are at and where you’re going.
Tip to remember -> Being stagnant eventually equates to mediocrity. (IMO)

Thought #6:
Be prepared because you never know when a groundbreaking opportunity may come by.

Thought #7:
“Social Media”
We’ve become broken machines with everyone always talking about how bad social media is and blah, blah, blah. Yes, it can be, but there are so much positive progressive points that I’m going to talk about in relation to time.
– The potential for a massive platform
– Connect with people, friends, community worldwide
– Many friendships are actually strengthened through social media as a point of contact even with great distance.
– Access to online shopping, reviews, DIY videos, omg everything.
– Convenient
– Career opportunities
– Literally the way of the future

Thought #8:
“Outlook / Reputation”
At times this can determine how liable you are.

Thought #9:
Ain’t it funny how: -> A good thing too early could be your worst nightmare, and a bad thing at a vulnerable time could change everything.



Found : November 7th 2017

Backstory of the post:

Yesterday I finished a blog post talking about my recognition of procrastination lately that has deterred some goals that I have set, this realization hit me during devotionals yesterday morning and was lingering in thought throughout the day. Unfortunately after completing the post I got distracted by an Instagram message and did not exit out of the app properly, without saving I accidentally deleted everything. I then decided to call it a day, however today as I was cleaning my desk I came across something I wrote last year. At my college we have something called “The River” where it’s basically a night of praise and worship and then a speaker preaching the word once a week, so I wrote this little thing during one of those river nights November 7th, 2017! I’m so thankful I found this and didn’t throw it out because it almost got forever lost in a pile of papers to trash. So now I’ve got a blog post, I thought this would be nice to share.

Let Go and Let God ;

Let the rivers of his might take you farther than you can reach.

God is mighty and powerful in all his ways. Don’t ever doubt for a second he can’t hear you, because he always can, and always will. By Jesus Christ stripes we are healed and made whole.

He moulds us and makes us.

He is the potter we are the clay, it’s by his grace we are able to be a miracle in motion.

A miracle of a testimony of grace, everlasting grace and love. 🖤

By Christ stripes we are healed and whole.

Thank you Lord amen.

Blog Feature| Thoughts With Cami Blog

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Hello my name is Camille Keane, I am currently a 21year old student completing a Bachelor of Music. My interests are singing, writing, learning, meeting new people, performing, and going on adventures. To get to know more about me, below are descriptions of three blog platforms I use to share and connect with others.
Women With Gifts Camille
A year ago, I stated a blog called Thoughts with Cami Blog. My post thus far has been about life topics, day to day experiences and I also touch on emotional experiences and faith at the foundation of progression. 🙂 Because of school,  I post once a month.
CamiSongs. A music blog account where I post songs of singing, keyboard playing, and an overall progression of my music journey over the past 5 years. Only more exciting projects are to come!
Last but not least, my personal…

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It’s Okay To Say “No”

I don’t know about you but sometimes saying no seems like such a hard thing to do, it’s easier to give a maybe, a delayed answer, or worst … no answer. But why? I think somewhere along the lines there just becomes this expectation of hearing yes all the time. This is something I find myself having to remember, it’s okay and completely acceptable to say no.

Saying yes to everything may leave you a list of extra things you didn’t intend on like being drained, loss of time and money, losing sight of priorities, and ultimately building up frustration. Sometimes it’s a matter of value and priority. Those who get you should understand.

Saying no to somethings can benefit you by simply giving yourself time to live! Live in the moment, live in relaxation, and live to share special spontaneous moments that may of not come if you were busy caught up in a schedule. If you’re a creative like me, time is something that’s needed to build your skill / talent, plus I have the tendency to come up with some pretty cool ideas with extra time on my hands which gives me space to develop ideas.

This is something I’m definitely learning to balance, if you can relate leave a comment sharing how you stay balanced with time, and your experiences with saying “no”!


That’s it for Novembers blog, Hope you enjoyed! Take care of yourself.

Camille K 😊

Fall Semester 18′ // Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

Starting a new school year is full of mixed feelings. A new year opens a chapter of the unknown and an outline of expectations to fulfill. Stepping into the unknown of what each semester will truly bring can be scary, but it undeniably brings unquenchable excitement. The latter is what I hold close to me, the excitement that each new day arrives with an open door to endless opportunities. As I step forth into an approaching new season, throughout the semester I settle down with the reminder of what’s ahead, always keeping the bigger picture in mind. 


Keep Your Eyes On The Prize,

Camille Keane ❤︎


Why The Chaos?

Have you ever had one of those seasons in your life where everything is changing? Some of the most amazing things are happening, your dreams are starting to come true, but still, in the midst of that, why is chaos turmoiling around all the good happening? This may not be applicable to all, but I’m sure to some.
I believe an explanation for chaos in the midst of beauty is God can also use some of the worst situations that have you absolutely pressed to either or both prepare you for the Harvest of what’s ahead, and/ or uproot hidden dormant behaviour in you.
Point number two is an interesting but extremely important one. I feel if you don’t understand this it could have the potential to either make or break your faith. Of course, God won’t put us through anything larger than what we can handle, but knowledge is key to understanding what’s happening in the midst of Chaos. Knowing God is in control can be the answer to finding peace through this period of time.

Be Blessed,
Camille ❤︎

All Things New (Victory is Mine)

Victory is mine;
Through Christ I know I’ll be enough.
He continues to fix me when I’m broken
I don’t doubt anymore, because I know His grace will forever be enough.
He takes away my every fear,
Places me in a place of comfort,
Shields me and protects me.
My God is my shining armour.
He never fails, He never lets me down
All glory and thanks be to God.
I know he’ll bring me out of this dark trial,
I’ll be stronger and I’ll walk in the purpose He has called me to.
He’ll lead me and never let go.
I can put my trust, all my hope, and courage in him, I know he’s faithful.

God help me when I fall, to fall in your embrace.
God help me when I stop, to stop and look to you for help. guidance, and direction.

When I fall I know I’ll be alright, the Holy Spirit is there to guide and comfort.

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3 (NKJV)

Till next time,
Camille Keane